++ A Short History of Crowning ++

Hello, and welcome.

I'm Gillian, and I've designed and made all the pieces you see on this site. Elemental Child is the fruition of many years of creative work, and I appreciate you stopping by to check it out.

My first love is music, and you can listen to what I do over at the Ex Reverie website. Just like when I'm making crowns, I'm forever influenced by science fiction, fantasy, magic, and 70's rock and roll. Think Led Zeppelin writing songs about Tolkien and you're on the right page.

In 2000 I started and ran my first headpiece company, Elemental Dream Day. I wanted to call it Elemental Child even then - after the Tyrannasaurus Rex song, but thought "Child" might be too confusing. Nearly a decade and a half later I'm not as interested in compromises. That company was great fun, and taught me quite a bit. I had headpieces in a few magazines, worked with many awesome brides, and I got to do acres of research and design in the realm of headpiece construction. I even won a Lapidary Journal award for one of the pieces. After three years, though, I closed shop because I felt that it was distracting me too much from music.

Over the next decade I continued to make headpieces for all of my girlfriends when they got married, as well as fun pieces for myself for stage, etc. Every year brought another flurry of custom crowns, and through each one I learned another angle of construction (like using live ferns in crown - spritz them all the way to the ceremony! Or willow branches as base construction - buy them when they are young and green!).  

A few years ago I worked for Susan Rifkin Jewelry Design, and at that workbench my jeweler's skill set got tightened up. I learned much from Susan, and she was always encouraging all of us on the production team to strike out with our lines. Soon after I began transitioning from my hometown of Philly to Providence, RI, and started working for what would become Heart of Gold Designs. It was fun and an honor to help a new headpiece company get started, and I had a great time designing and doing production work on lots of beautiful pieces for them. Check them out! It's a lovely line.

With my mind firmly back in headpiece territory, I knew it was time to delve into a particular thread of design that had been brewing for me for several years: crystal crowns. I'd made one for myself for an Ex Reverie video back in 2010 (by the fabulous Sarah Jacoby and Courtney Brooke), and had other ideas about where to go with this particular mix of style and real magick. The "Sign of Fire" collection was born of that original crown, and lots of other exciting designs are forming on the workbench even as I write this. Stay tuned...

++++++++++++++ Credits! ++++++++++++++++++++++ 

There's no way Elemental Child would exist (or that I'd even be the person I am at this moment) if not for the honor of a long collaboration with COURTNEY BROOKE. She took all the photos you see in the Look Book, and is a staggeringly talented photographer and stylist. Any idea I've had has benefited from Courtney intuitively and instantly creating and capturing the perfect context for it. Whether it's a bonfire ritual, a music video, or a fashion look book, this lady is the real deal. Do yourself a favor and go check out her site Light Witch.

Alec K. Redfearn took the lovely product photos you see in the store, and drew the Sign of Fire hands for the logo. Musical genius PLUS great visual artist. No spoilers, but the holiday collection may just see some of his sigil work etched into the metal of crowns...


Big love to Sarah and Phil Banh, Emiel Buis, and Susan and HG. Whiteman for making it possible to develop this line and bring it to your eyes.