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Naiad Crown - Archived Design

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Archived Design

Labradorite, the most mysteriously gorgeous of all stones. Sea serpent, soothsayer, moonchild: labradorite is a stone that will surprise you. Grey and foggy blue one moment, a riot of butterfly wings in the next. This crown was built specifically to showcase this phenomenally magical mineral.

The middle stone is a whopping 99 carats of pure, firey-flashing labradorite. A huge faceted teardrop, this is an exceptional focal point. Not to be outdone, the six large smooth teardrops surrounding it are themselves 133.95 carats of top-grade labradorite themselves. All seven stones are mounted on a hammered metal frame that arcs like a set of cathedral windows, medieval and minimal.

How to Wear: This shape is a 3/4 crown - fuller on the sides than a tiara, it is still open on the back and flexible enough to accommodate being worked into hairstyles. Wire loops are part of the structure to allow easy pinning.

Approx 3 weeks from time of order