Mountain Witch :: rose quartz

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Sold out in this Rose Quartz for almost five solid years, we have re-imagined this long sought after style to be able to offer it again. Sitting high and regal on a new, even more complex version of our signature handmade crown armature, this beauty is set with obelisk-cut points of dreamy, romantic pure rose quartz. Long known as the crystal most associated with love, this is a full expression of romantic celebration and identity.

With a wheel of faceted amethyst as the centerpiece and finished with rounds of clear and rose quartz, this is a crown made from an immense amount of hour of careful handwork and top-quality, powerful natural crystals.

This full circle crown has loops around the base to help you secure it with hairpins, and is finished with silvery satin ribbon for comfort.

:: Made to order. Approx time from order currently 3 weeks ::