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Babylon Rose - Archived Design

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Archived design

Lush, feminine, with the piercing clarity of an oracle: a mix of floral and stone. If Mucha had lived to hear about the Age of Aquarius, he might have painted some pyramid cut quartz on his dreamy nymphs as well.

Built on a frame of hammered metal, a wreath of velvet bouvardias, parchment rosebuds, and rough silk dahlias are interspersed with polished crystal points to catch the light. Clearing away to the front center, the flowers open up to a single large, clear quartz pyramid stone mounted on two tiny silvery leaves.

The shape is smaller than a traditional floral wreath, meant to be worn full and high like a crown. Angle it forward or tilt it back, two subtly distinct looks.

This is a limited edition piece: these particular flowers are no longer available. No hint of plastic shall be found on any of these flowers - they are entirely fabric and parchment.

How to Wear:

Place it on your head and go. Loops can be added for pinning purposes upon request.