Lionheart Necklace :: brass

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Please note: This is a pre-order. Your talisman will take approx 3-4 weeks from time of order. Thank you! 

When I saw these massive carved LIONS made of pure labradorite, I got chills. Each one will be unique due to the magic of the organic stone. Lions represent strength in the tarot, and this talisman is all about holding and summoning your own power. I carved the setting in wax to give the lions the 70's giant pendant/slightly futura look that I love best, and added lines that, once I was done, I realized were heavily influenced by the Hilma af Klint exhibit I got to see years ago.

This piece is huge, its heavy, it's a giant labradorite LION in a setting that can probably be used as a weapon if need be. But you won't need to because the confidence that you'll feel while wearing it will be supreme and perfect. Solar power and strength that is born of the heart. We can message you with an image of your stone while the piece is in the works. This piece will be both a star of your collection and something you'll want to wear all the time for the way it makes you feel.