STARLESS Necklace :: Brass

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This dramatic, sculptural piece is a necklace unlike any other. A pearl moon emerges from the golden clouds. 

Cast brass, mother of pearl, brass chain 

Pendant measures 5" across, 1.5" high, finished with chain to hit at approx 20"

From out of the obscuring clouds, the brilliant reflected light of the moon emerges. This dramatic, sculptural piece is a necklace unlike any other. Nearly 5" across, cast in one piece entirely in warm, golden-hued brass, this design was carved over a period of hundreds of hours during the long months of lockdown.

As a way to reignite a feeling of hope and inspiration through pure, impractical art, it ended up being a meditation on light emerging through a veil. A talisman for our times. The huge, 30mm mother of pearl looks so much like a moon that it was the impetus for the entire design. Light rolls off the topography of the carved clouds, and shimmers across the surface of the centerpiece. The manifestation energy of the full moon is called up in no uncertain terms to create a truly magical statement necklace. 

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