Cosmic Wheels Crown

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This crown is made-to-order. Approx creation time currently 3 weeks. Please let us know if you need it by a specific date.

A marriage of the classic Art Deco celestial headpiece with our signature crystal crown arc. Titanium dipped raw quartz points in a striking blue gold are topped with hammered brass stars for peak magic.

This is a crown connected to the earth by stone and to the cosmos by the symbolism of the stars. Quartz, the scientifically vibrational stone, dipped in titanium for glorious color. This is the declaration of the harnessing of magical qualities with the exaltation and exhilaration of those joyful stars glowing gold above the crown of your head.

Mounted on a wide millinery comb. Headband mounting available upon request, just mention in the Notes section of your order.

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