Atreides Crown

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 Our biggest full-circle quartz point crown, to ring you in sparkling crystal. 

Raw quartz points, silver-plated wire.

40 raw clear quartz crystal points are individually wired onto our handmade frames. The silhouette of this crown is regal, with an approx 6" base and very little flare. The fit depends on head size but on most people it will rest comfortably encircling the crown of your head (not the outer diameter), A hair pins or two can help secure it, or we can add small loops to the base and include a thin headband for extra hold upon request.

Like bands of sunlight streaming through a medieval screen, this crown takes our classic quartz crystal point design in a new direction. Angular, bold, wild, and yet minimal, this crown radiates power based in the earth, raised to the sky.

We wanted to make a crown that would answer two requests we've heard over the years: a larger shape, to fit more around the head than on it, and a crown that would also be suitable for men. To do so we designed a new frame, and worked with the idea of quartz stations, separated by hammered metal and clean, empty space. It is a composition of stone and sky.

Please note: This crown is made by hand and the stones will vary in their beautiful, natural ways. Each crown will be as unique as the wearer. Please allow for variation.

Please note the following before ordering:

+ This is a Pre-Order: Crowns purchased now will be made by hand individually and take approx 4-6 weeks from time of order. Upon request you can receive updates as your crown enters production.