Mountain Witch with Rose Quartz Leaves

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A full-circle crown in dreamy solid rose quartz, the stone of love. 

Rose quartz, faceted ametrine, faceted clear quartz rounds, silver-plated wire. 

***A variation on theme inspired by the tremendous demand for our original (sold out) Rose Quartz Mountain Witch. The leaf shape gives a fresh, sweet new silhouette to this crown, and the polished marquise-shaped crystals have a gorgeous creamy striation through each stone.***

From the original description:

Here is a crown fit for a true pentacle queen, head in the sky and feet in the earth. Pure quartz polished points are tethered to a hammered metal armature into the arcing silhouette of a fae and regal full crown. In the center of the front most peak is a large faceted ametrine (amethyst/citrine) wheel representing the Wheel of Life, and all along the base are laced clear quartz (both smooth and faceted) and rose quartz rounds. The bottom is wrapped in silvery ribbon for extra comfort during wear.

Rose Quartz is a legendary stone associated with love, empathy, and healing. Quartz crystal in general has long been used to charge and hold energy of all kinds.

Whether you believe in the independent mystical qualities of crystals or simply as personal talismans, it's hard to deny the ancient power of quartz. It is a catalyst and a conduit, and it is created in the heart and heat of the earth, rather than by man.

Be a transmitter. Catch the light and send it back out where you wish.

How To Wear:

This piece has a base curved to sit on the crown of your skull, and there are wire loops positioned all along the interior for securing to your hair with pins. Keep in mind: the crown is solid crystal, not the lightest item we have! But its smaller footprint (somewhere between a faerie crown and a traditional full diameter) keeps it from being too heavy for most people and has been worn for hours without complaint.


All of our crystals are genuine quartz, please allow for natural variation. You'll receive an email with a photo of your unique piece once it is ready to mail.

Please note the following before ordering:

+ Crowns purchased now will be made by hand individually and take approx 4-6 weeks from time of order. Please let us know if you have a date you need it by, and we will always try to accommodate if possible.