Beltane Crown

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Peak magical full-circle crown of the best raw quartz points, ringed in orange blossoms. 

 A+ grade raw quartz crystal points, orange blossom reproductions in latex, silver-plated wire. 

This crown has a faerie silhouette, meaning it is sized small and tall, with an approx 4.5" circumference base that flares out dramatically. This smaller size keeps the weight comfortable, and it can be attached with hair pins. We can also add small loops to the base and provide a thin headband to thread through for extra security and ease of wear upon request.

The ultimate celebration of the power and majesty of nature in a crown. The Beltane Crown marries our signature raw quartz point design, first introduced to the world three years ago, with a new twist: a base of the most carefully accurate reproduction orange blossom flowers, buds, and leaves. Delicate beauty meets wild mountain magic.

Orange blossom wreaths and crowns came to ceremonial fashion in the Victorian era, and the wax-covered preserved blossoms spoke of a kind of sweet purity of spirit, as if worn by a goddess in the early springtime. We use replicas of those antiques, made of sturdier stuff but still exquisitely detailed.

40 raw, clear, wild, top-quality quartz crystal points form a full circle and their heights and shape create the silhouette of the classic crown. In this way the stones themselves are the crown, and sourcing and selecting each stone is of utmost importance. Each stone is then individually wired into the our handmade frames. The process is lengthy and careful, but the result is worth it.

Please note: This crown is made by hand and the stones will vary in their beautiful, natural ways. Each crown will be as unique as the wearer. Please allow for variation.

Please note the following before ordering:

+ Crowns purchased now will be made by hand individually and take approx 4-6 weeks from time of order. Please let us know if you have a date you need it by, and we will always try to accommodate if possible.