Stone of Light Crown

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:: Please note: the last photo in the gallery is the actual ready made crown you will receive. These stones are much bigger and bolder! ::

A cross between the clear arc of our Daughter of the Day and the refined filigree corona of our Lady of the Lake, this dainty crown weaves smooth points of polished quartz together with silvery peaks to define a classic crown silhouette in a smaller size.

How to Wear: This pieces is mounted on a wide comb, so you can push it into your hair and secure it with a pin or two on the sides for security.


This crown was first offered as part of our Ready to Wear collection. After selling out in five minutes and receiving a flood of emails inquiring after the piece, we've added it to the permanent collection.

All of our crystals are genuine quartz, please allow for natural variation. You'll receive an email with a photo of your unique piece once it is ready to mail.