Faerie Queen Crown

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Here's a new design in the spirit of our Czarina Crown. Teardrops of glittering faceted amethyst are woven by hand into ferns, as well as small crosses of made from brilliant faceted clear quartz coins. Mounted on a hammered metal frame that is laced with more faceted amethysts, as well as larger faceted ametrine coins...

This crown features a new 3/4 silhouette - with a similar high impact to a full circle crown, the open back allows this highly wearable gemstone-laden piece to be adjusted as the wearer desires. Wear it on the top of your head for a tall and regal look, or wider and more towards the front for a tiara-esque effect.

Secures easily to your hair with a few hairpins. Light of weight to wear but heavy on the facets and carats of high quality natural amethyst.