Lightbearer Earrings

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Archived design 

The sword is a symbol of truth and power. Quartz crystal is the stone of pure energy and light. We have imagined the two combined: a blade of clarity. 

Each Lightbearer is made with a sterling silver hilt, hand-carved of wax and cast into metal, holding a long, raw point of clear quartz crystal.

The back of each sword is open to keep the weight comfortable and wearable. Longer stones may have some weight for those with sensitive piercings, but we have been wearing them with no issue.

Each sword is made with a natural stone, please allow for variation. With earring pairs the stones will not be exactly the same, but this natural variation adds to the effect.

Available as a necklace or earrings, with sterling chain or fish hook findings.

approx 3 weeks from time of order