Priestess Necklace :: white bronze :: smooth labradorite

Priestess Necklace :: white bronze :: smooth labradorite

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Silvery white bronze and smooth, one of a kind labradorite draw down the moon together in this ethereal combination. Labradorite will be a dream of blues, greys, and flashes of peach, greens, and golds. Each stone is utterly unique.

The Priestess is a talisman necklace for you to wear throughout your days and nights. Walk through your life with the wild magic of natural gemstones and powerful symbolism. Each talisman includes a huge, glorious natural 30mm centerpiece mounted in setting cast from a carving done entirely by hand.

This design is a mix of all of our favorite things: witchcraft, Art Nouveau, 70's science fiction, rock and roll iconography, and the power of a big, stunning piece of beautiful gemstone.

How you wear it is up to you: choose an opaque stone to focus the medallion-like look of the potent natural material itself, and keep the pentacle on the back as a hidden force, known only to you unless you feel like sharing it. Or choose a semi-transparent stone to bring that symbolism forward. It's all in your hands.

Each pendant measures approx 2" X 1.5"