5 Powerful Handmade Crystal Crowns

5 Powerful Crystal Crowns - Elemental Child blog post


Harness the Real and Untamed Magic of Crystal Crowns

Are you ready to adorn yourself with the enchanting beauty of crystals? If you're a lover of handmade jewelry and have a penchant for unique accessories, a crystal crown might be just the perfect piece to elevate your style and help you connect with the natural world around you. 

There are other realms of beauty and power available to us right here, right now, and they can be as real as you want them to be. Crowns are a perfect embodiment of this. They have a unique place in the history of human adornment. They are traditionally ritual wear, a sign of exalted status. That they rest upon the head symbolizes a connection to the higher realms. They are used to express a mandate from an irrefutable force. 

Perhaps our best power in this world does not come from hereditary, or political lines but rather our connection to the conduit of raw energy that is nature itself. Our crowns are real crowns: they are handmade of many precious materials and top-grade stones. They are not built as costume pieces, because we believe that the roles you wish to embody do not need to be characters. They are you in your different iterations in this life. You can be crowned in the very real and untamed magic of nature. That's a birthright we all share.

Below explore some of our most popular pieces. 


 The Lyra Crystal Crown

Lyra Crystal Crown by Elemental Child

A dramatic and modern crystal crown for our times. Water-clear spikes top a handmade silver frame set with multi-carat gems of quartz.

A jaw-dropping, main-event kind of crown. Five fierce, rock-and-roll spikes top this hand-hammered crown that wraps around your head in a 3/4 shape. Set with four faceted florets woven of clear quartz rounds and three giant, double-terminated stunning quartz specimens, this crown wields light and command while still being minimal and light. A new favorite around here.

Queen of Swords Crystal Crown 

Queen of Swords handmade crystal crown by Elemental Child

An ultra-regal full-circle crystal crown in filigree metalwork and quartz.   

Made of polished quartz crystal points, antiqued brass filigree cones, brass wire. 

Inspired by our best-selling Lady of the Lake design, here is a full circle crown of arching filigree cones holding points of water-clear polished quartz crystal. Delicate bronze flowers accent the metalwork and hold faceted rounds of clear quartz. Built on our signature hammered metal armature, this crown is made entirely by hand in a time-intensive process that yields an heirloom with extraordinary attention to detail.

Designed with a silhouette both regal and fae, this crown has an unmistakable and iconic impact. It is also our lightest weight full crown yet, and very easily pinned into the hair and worn comfortably. The natural quartz points hold the sun and glow with a potent magic, both reflecting and glittering in any light.

Beltane Crystal Crown 

Beltane Crystal Crown by Elemental Child

Peak magical full-circle crystal crown of the best raw quartz points, ringed in orange blossoms. 

This crown has a faerie silhouette, meaning it is sized small and tall, with an approx 4.5" circumference base that flares out dramatically. The ultimate celebration of the power and majesty of nature in a crown. The Beltane Crown marries our signature raw quartz point design, with a new twist: a base of the most carefully accurate reproduction orange blossom flowers, buds, and leaves. Delicate beauty meets wild mountain magic.

Orange blossom wreaths and crowns came to ceremonial fashion in the Victorian era, and the wax-covered preserved blossoms spoke of a kind of sweet purity of spirit, as if worn by a goddess in the early springtime. We use replicas of those antiques, made of sturdier stuff but still exquisitely detailed.

In the Dust of the Stars Crystal Crown 

In the Dust of the Stars Crystal Crown by Elemental Child

 A show-stopping full circle crystal crown of A-grade raw quartz points. The crown that started it all!

Transmit the starlight, drink in the sun. Here is a crown arriving straight out of a myth, ready to build a new one. Constructed of raw quartz points on a hammered metal armature, this piece is a balance of raw, elemental power combined with a refined regal shape. As you can see from the photos, the stones catch and hold light: glowing, shining, and reflecting it back out.

Each crystal is selected and wrapped into its perfect place on the piece by hand, a process that ensures each crown will be utterly unique even as it follows the classic silhouette of arcs and peaks. Filigree cones clutch crystals like torches at anchor points in the front, back, and two on each side: the crown itself becomes the six-rayed star.

 Lady of the Lake Crystal Crown

Lady of Lake Crystal Crown by Elemental Child

A sparkling polished quartz point halo of Arts both Deco and Nouveau. 

This crystal crown is a full arcing corona of filigree cones, silvery and also the darker gunmetal, holding polished points of a water-clear quartz. One of our all-time best sellers. 

How to Wear: This piece is mounted on a wide comb for easy wear. It will slide right into your hair, and is easily secured by a couple of pins on either side.

Handmade crystal crowns are not only exquisite pieces of jewelry but also powerful talismans that can enhance your style and elevate your energy. Visit us to see more of our handmade crystal crowns at Elementalchild.com 

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5 Gorgeous Crystal Crowns by Elemental Child
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