++ Frequently Asked Questions ++

I've fallen in love with a design but it's sold out! Will it return?

Let us know which piece you're interested in. Our designs sell out frequently due primarily to supply limitations. Using organic, wild stones means continually sourcing from all over the world to find the right crystal to match the original aesthetics. Unfortunately some pieces are sold out for years, or indefinitely, due to the mines and suppliers simply not producing the crystal shape or color anymore. However, we can almost always make you a version of your chosen piece using similar stones. 

A note: in order to reduce the wait time for production on crowns moving forward, we're reducing the number of pieces available to order even more. Please get in touch if you're longing for a particular design. We may be able to make you one as a special order, or put you on a waitlist. 


Do you do custom work?

We do not take purely custom orders. However, we can usually customize one of our existing designs. Elements like stone choice, color, and metal can typically be changed...and we enjoy seeing the new variations that result! We can also sometimes combine elements from two different designs. Send us an email to discuss. 


Do you ship to my country?

YES! Everywhere. Please see our Policy page for more information about international shipping. 


I just placed my order, when will I receive it? 

Our designs are all made to order. Production estimates are in the product description as well as the on the policy page. All of our pieces are made by hand, and we truly appreciate your patience as we pour many skilled, detail-driven hours into each piece. It's counterintuitive to the modern world, we know, but a handmade piece is an heirloom and a talisman of meaning and intention in an increasingly rapid and frantic world. If you have a deadline (wedding, event, gift-giving date) please let us know! We always do everything possible to accommodate your timing, and we can let you know in advance if it's possible. Thank you! 

Please also check out our Ready to Wear section and release dates: we periodically release a small run of one-of-a-kind or sample designs that are ready to ship. They typically sell out in hours, so mark your calendar if you are interested. Our Newsletter subscribers also enjoy advance access to these releases. 


Please email gillian@elementalchild.com with any other questions