Rock a Rainbow Crystal Crown for Pride

Pride Rainbow Crystal Crown by Elemental Child

Happy Pride! Flaunt the Spectrum of Love and Diversity

Welcome to the most vibrant month of the year! Pride Month! A huge celebration of support and unity, honoring our beautiful diversity and spreading love and acceptance.

Love Wins

Love knows no boundaries, and during Pride Month, we exalt the profound power of love and acceptance. It’s a time to embrace the love we have for ourselves and others, irrespective of gender, orientation, or identity. As we celebrate the love that has carried us through challenges and triumphs, let us remember that love is a fundamental right that belongs to every human being. 

I know that with everything going on around the world, with the fear and hatred being shown to our communities it’s sometimes hard to focus on the beauty that is us. It’s so important to continue moving forward despite those trying to tear apart what we’ve managed to build. 

A glimmer of hope came to me this month when I went to the Split, Croatia pride celebration. ( Side note, I live here in Croatia in a town called Stari Grad 1/2 the year) Croatia is a small country and Split is it's second biggest city with only 176,000 people residing here. Yet, they have a pride parade. It was amazing to see a large group come together to celebrate peacefully. Here's a few photos I grabbed. Check out more on the Split Pride Insta page. 

Love Wins! Split Pride Elemental Child

Split Pride parade - Elemental Child

Split Pride Parade 2023 Elemental Child

This is the time to embrace our power and celebrate. 

Honoring the Badasses 

Pride Month stands as a tribute to the badasses who came before us and those working currently to improve rights and freedoms. This month is a time to honor the legacy of activists and heroes who stood up against adversity and those doing so now.  By recognizing and celebrating LGBTQ+ history, we ensure that their voices and struggles are never forgotten. It’s a month to reflect on those who came before and try to find it within ourselves to make those bold moves and break new ground for those who will come up after us.

Here’s an amazing article on Mashable highlighting so many in the LGBTQ+  community fighting for change including : Laverne Cox, Ryan Karnoski, Eliza Byard, Sasha Velour, Robert Yang and so many more. 

Creating Safe Spaces 

Pride Month reminds us of the significance of creating safe spaces where everyone can fully express themselves without fear or judgment. It's a time to strengthen our communities and embrace and uplift one another, offering support, understanding, and love. Let’s help create environments where every individual feels seen, heard, and celebrated for who they are.

There are fortunately a ton of orgs out there furthering this caust, but check out this rad site Safe Space Alliance - that has a searchable database of safe spaces around the world that you can investigate before traveling. It’s an org that aims to identify and create more safe spaces. 

Amplifying Our Voices

Pride Month empowers us to amplify our voices and share our stories, as they hold immense power to inspire, educate, and create change. By speaking our truths and sharing our experiences, we foster understanding and acceptance in the broader community. Take time to experience the richness of LGBTQ+ literature, films, art, and music, celebrating the incredible diversity within our own community.

Here’s a great list of some upcoming  2023  LGBTQ films compiled by them. 

A Month of Unapologetic Celebration

Pride Month is our time to shine brightly and celebrate every aspect of our identities. It's a month where we come together to commemorate our unique journeys, the trials we've overcome, and the strength we've discovered within ourselves. Let's revel in the kaleidoscope of colors, parades, and events that uplift our spirits and showcase the beauty of being our truest selves.

If you don’t already know when your cities Pride events are, or if you are traveling during Pride month, here’s a list from misterb&b of Pride celebrations all over the US. 

It’s time to dress up and rock it. Time to strut your stuff and embrace your power!

Sparkle and shine -  at Elemental Child we happen to have a few fab rainbow crowns in stock to add the finishing flourish to your style. 

Pride Rainbow Crystal Crown by Elemenal Child
Pride Dark Rainbow Crystal Crown by Elemental Child


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Celebrate Pride Month with boundless joy, authenticity, and love. Let's embrace our identities, honor our history, and continue advocating for a world where everyone can live authentically and without fear of discrimination. Together, we can create a future that is inclusive, accepting, and affirming for all. Happy Pride Month!

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