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Crystal Crowns and Witchy Jewelry - Customer spotlight Angelika Noble by Elemental Child 


We’ve been so lucky through the years of Elemental Child to make crowns and jewels for a huge selection of creative people. Seeing our pieces in the ceremonies and photo shoots of those people has been one of the most gratifying parts of the whole journey. It feels like a real collaboration. Each crown is made by hand in a process that takes between 3 and 30 hours, depending on the piece. Each careful wrap of the wire is a labor of love and intention. To send these pieces off through the post and be able to see them integrated into some of the most important moments in the lives of their owners is an act of connective magic. 


Standout collaborators and long standing collectors


Now that we have the medium of this blog, we’re able to feature some of our standout collaborators and long standing collectors. Angelika jumped immediately to mind both for her prodigious collection of Elemental Child crystal crowns, and the absolutely gorgeous photos she creates utilizing them. When she orders a piece now it is more of a conversation between friends. She has worked with our pieces through almost the entire history of Elemental Child, and we’ve come to value her taste and reactions to each new design as one does from a true connoisseur. Some of the proudest moments have included her choice of Elemental Child for her wedding, and the times she’s chosen our crowns as very special gifts for her sisters. 

Angelika is a tattoo artist at Evolution Ink in Fayetteville NC, as well as a striking model. You can see a selection of her work on her website: While she shoots with a variety of photographers, her personal style - Elemental Child crystal crown included, more often than not! -  always comes through the screen. She seems to embody the mythological queens and goddesses naturally. Lithe, elegant, with an unwavering gaze, she stands at the center of the image, holding the attention of the viewer. The crown has always been a symbol of both power and beauty, and Angelika knows this and wears them with true birthright. 

Her photos are luminous, and seem to exist in a realm of fantasy. Equally comfortable in both dark, gothic settings and a dreamy realm filled with light, she is the star of another world. We're so happy to be able to share this intimate interview with her. 


Hello Angelika! Thanks so much for being an amazing customer, and inspiring artist. Can you tell us more about yourself?


My name is Angelika Noble. I was originally born and raised in Poland. My whole life I aspired to be an artist and was lucky enough to find painting and tattoo artistry as my main mediums.I was introduced to healing crystals and meditation at a very young age, and was immediately drawn to the crystal crowns created by Elemental Child.


I’ve loved working with you over the years, and especially loved seeing the video of your full Elemental Child collection. How many crowns of ours do you have?


My current collection is at 19 crystal crowns!! It became a bit of an obsession and I found each and every crown to be so precious and useful in my meditation practice and how to empower my inner goddess. I also love using them for my creative outlet of modeling and styling various types of photoshoots.


19 crowns! That’s amazing. The video of your collection is such a delight. Do you have a favorite one?


  1. It is impossible for me to pick a favorite out of all the crystal crowns I have collected. Each one is truly precious to me.


Oh, thank you! What a wonderful answer. I absolutely love all of the photos you’ve starred in with our crowns. What are some of your inspirations for this work?


What inspires me the most is nature, and the wonders that are all around us. Traveling and seeing the beauty in the world is what keeps me going. I’m also inspired by past and contemporary artists, music, even the mundane day to day life. When you look at everything around you with the eyes of a child, every little thing can become an awe inspiring thing.


Full collection of Elemental Child Crowns


From top, left to right:

 The Laurel Necklace: Our show stopping 7.25” wide cast necklace of hand-carved laurels set with rose cut labradorite.  Light of the Stars: our Dust of the Star Crown reimagined as a delicate tiara / Crimson Crown: our classic arc shape in a rich striated red quartz point, Venusian Princess Crown in green: an Art Deco fantasy with titanium-coated raw quartz points and architectural brass accents, Venusian Princess Crown in rainbow, Venusian Princess Crown in pink, Nuit Crown: dark rainbow titanium coated raw quartz in our classic arc, Silver Nuit Crown: metallic reflective silver titanium coated raw quartz in an arc, Fern Queen Crown: big gems of double terminated clear quartz points in a tiara shape accented with intricate silvery fern leaves, Raw Amethyst Crown: raw and organic pieces of amethyst carefully set on a hammered frame in a tiara shaped arc, Turquoise Crown: Spikes of turquoise toned howlite set in a crown peaked silhouette and accented with a brass center , Stone of Light in rainbow: our perennial best seller with polished points of clear quartz  - here with an iridescent finish - set in a classic princess tiara with filigree cones, Curved Air Crown: Our Lady of the Lake style reimagined with top quality raw quartz points, Rainbow in Curved Air Crown in Nuit


Display of Elemental Child Crowns

In this photo: 

The Cosmic Wheels II Crown: A wide, tall arc of raw quartz points and hammered golden brass stars. The Beltane Crown: A full circle crown of top-grade raw quartz points set by hand on a handmade frame, finished with a ring of reproduction waxed orange blossoms. 

The Lyra Crown: Five spikes top a handmade crown frame set with huge gorgeous double-terminated quartz gems and rounds. The Naiad Crown, one of our classic favorites, now long sold out. A massive carat-weight faceted teardrop Labradorite centerpiece is surrounded by six more top quality labradorite briolettes on an elegant handmade frame. 

One of a Kind gold quartz Crown: torch-like raw quartz coated in a gold titanium finish are set in filigree cones and studded with hammered brass stars for a cross between our In the Dust of the Stars Crown and the Cosmic Wheels design. Fire Queen Crown: A full crown set with huge and glorious double-terminated red quartz points. 

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