Beltane - Time to cast off the Darkness and Celebrate the Light

Crystal crowns, the celebration of Beltane celtic wheel, by Elemental Child


Beltane, which roughly translates to “bright fire”, is commonly referred to as May Day, it’s a traditional Gaelic festival that marks the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. It has its roots deep in celtic and pagan traditions. Beltane falls about halfway between the spring equinox (Ostara) and the upcoming summer solstice, (Litha),  it’s celebrated on May 1st and is associated with the arrival of warmer weather, longer days, and the blossoming of flowers and trees. Pretty much the best time of the year hands down.

Beltane has its roots in ancient Celtic and Gaelic traditions, and it has been celebrated for centuries in various parts of the world but primarily in Ireland, Isle of Man, and Scotland. It is considered one of the four Gaelic seasonal festivals, along with Samhain, Imbolc, and Lughnasadh.

Celtic calendar wheel - Elemental Child


Beltane’s historic expressions

Beltane is historically celebrated with festive ceremonies that focus on fertility, renewal, and abundance. It’s a time to celebrate the return of life to the land after the cold, dark winter months. Which can seem to last forever, at least on the East Coast of the US. 

Bonfires are a central element of Beltane celebrations, symbolizing the light and warmth of the sun. During the celebration, all individual home hearth fires would have been put out and this central bonfire would be created. This central fire was used to relight people’s personal hearths. A beautiful gesture signifying that the community was connected to each other by the sacred fire which was shared by all. This feeling of connection is disappearing from our everyday lives and we personally love this idea to focus on the importance of connection to others and to nature itself.


Celtic Bonfire - Elememntal Child

Photo by Giovanni Miccio on Unsplash


Beltane - a recognition of the sacred union

Beltane is also a celebration of union and fertility. It’s a recognition of the sacred union between partners. It can be a deeply unifying affair, celebrating sexuality on many levels. Its rites ultimately bring to light the deepest of desires:  our striving for union with another. This process of truly opening to another, of breaking the boundaries between two to become something greater than ourselves, is at the heart of this day.


Traditional Symbols of Beltane

Colors:  White, dark green, red 

Foods:  Dairy foods, honey, oats, mead, lamb  

Stones:  Sapphire, blood stone, emerald, orange carnelian, rose quartz  

Symbols: Goat, honeybee, crowns, fairies, pegasus, rabbits, flower crown, maypole 

Flowers & Plants: Primrose, lilac, hawthorn, birch, Rosemary, Ivy, woodruff, rowan, violet, alfalfa, cedar, peppermint lavender, orange blossoms 

(as found on Mabon House)


Modern Beltane 

Modern Beltane is celebrated in various ways, ranging from traditional ceremonies and gatherings to modern interpretations that include elements of nature appreciation, environmental activism, and community festivities. It’s seen as a time to connect with nature, celebrate the changing seasons, honor the vitality and fertility of the earth and express personal symbolic actions to connect with the energy of Beltane, express gratitude, and set intentions for the coming season.

There are many Beltane celebrations throughout Ireland and Scotland each May, some lasting several days like the Féile na Bealtaine in Dingle celebrating art, comedy, film, music, poetry & literature, and spoken word. The Beltane Fire Festival of Edinburgh has a good old procession led by the May Queen and the Green Man along with theatrical performances, music, dance, food, drink and the ceremonial bonfire.

It’s this magical celebration of rebirth, renewal and the celebration of the natural beauty  of our world that gave us the inspiration for one of our most popular crowns here at Elemental Child


The Beltane Crystal Crown - Delicate beauty meets wild mountain magic

Beltane Crystal Crown Elemental Child


A magical full-circle crystal crown built of the best raw quartz points, ringed in orange blossoms.

The ultimate celebration of the power and majesty of nature in a crown. The Beltane Crown marries our signature raw quartz point design, with a new twist: a base of the most carefully accurate reproduction orange blossom flowers, buds, and leaves. 

Orange blossom wreaths and crowns came to ceremonial fashion in the Victorian era, and the wax-covered preserved blossoms spoke of a kind of sweet purity of spirit, as if worn by a goddess in the early springtime. We use replicas of those antiques, made of sturdier stuff but still exquisitely detailed.

40 raw, clear, wild, top-quality quartz crystal points form a full circle and their heights and shape create the silhouette of the classic crown. In this way the stones themselves are the crown, and sourcing and selecting each stone is of utmost importance. Each stone is then individually wired into our handmade frames. The process is lengthy and careful, but the result is worth it.

 This crown has a faerie silhouette, meaning it is sized small and tall, with an approx 4.5" circumference base that flares out dramatically. This smaller size keeps the weight comfortable, and it can be attached with hair pins. We can also add small loops to the base and provide a thin headband to thread through for extra security and ease of wear upon request. This crown is made by hand and the stones will vary in their beautiful, natural ways. Each crown will be as unique as the wearer. Please allow for variation.

Sneak a peek at our Beltane Crown and grab yours NOW! 



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